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I have recently been fascinated by the term candid in photography. It interested me to the point that I wanted to get to the roots of that word. it comes from Latin and it means white.

Word Origin & History
candid 1620s, “white,” from L. candidum “white; pure; sincere, honest, upright,” from candere “to shine,” from PIE base *kand- “to glow, to shine” (see candle). In English, metaphoric extension to “frank” first recorded 1670s (cf. Fr. candide “open, frank, ingenuous, sincere”). Of photography, 1929. Related: Candidly.

That is just thesaurus. But when looking at contemporary family and wedding photography it surprised me how accurate this word is and how accurately people adjusted it to the needs of naming an old version of just documentary photography. Anyway. Candid means right up front and truthful but most of all: unpretended as for not staged and not posed. This is a highly fair approach to art of portrait which I try to employ as often as possible. And it also remind me of works of my beloved Nan Goldin but in her case honesty is most accurate word.

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What makes a good portrait?

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We have good lenses,great cameras, tutorials, books, affordable courses so why these portraits that we do still aren’t perfect?
Each portraiture photographer will tell you that the equipment is really limiting you instsead of giving more possibilities. In portrait photography, which I do, very important is the psychological aspect , and a device that stands between you and the person portrayed, does not facilitate the task( quite often) This causes some discomfort, especially for the person photographed and IT IS VISIBLE on the photo.. Of course, you can shoot as a surprise or without the knowledge of the model, is also kind of portrait photography , but honestly: a good portrait taken as surprise doesn’t happen too often. For me, this direct contact with people is the most important.Know your model, know your camera and environment. Make a plan. But most importantly get in touch.Start dialogue. Engage.

Be careful in the selection of equipment, so that there is not too much, so that we can focus on the subject. Pointing huge camera right in front with a long lens and targeting the person who may have any doubt as to whether he wants to be photographed – it certainly does help.

How, then, to persuade our subject, how to start a successful relationship?
You need to start with a simple interpersonal communication, to convince him to her, because it is the most important in photography especially portraiture. Later ask for the opportunity to take picture. I know from experience that people almost always do agree, rarely someone rejects me.

It is also good to think about “before”, what we want to do what we want from this person that this portrait is to be. Let us remember that a good picture consists of several components, only the appropriate link puts together and ensures a successful image. Therefore, it is important to select the right model and an appropriate setting.

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